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Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the dog. We do usually bathe the dog first, as it is bad for our equipment to cut dirty hair. In certain instances, we do what is called a "rough cut" first, then we bathe, and then we will finish the haircut. We generally do this when a dog is matted or if the hair is so long that it will make the bathing and drying process easier.

This depends on what package you choose. We have a few different options, check out our services.

Each dog is different, but a good estimate is roughly three hours for small to medium-sized dogs and a little longer for very large dogs.

We dry our dogs a combination of ways. We have kennel dryers that we use on some dogs and high velocity dryers that we use to finish the drying process. Our kennel dryers are not heated, they only blow room temperature air, and they are only left on the pets for 15 minutes at a time. We also never use a kennel dryer on brachycephalic (flat-faced) breeds.

We have a lobby that you are welcome to wait in while we groom your dog. If you need to stay with your dog through the entire grooming process, this needs to be talked about when making the appointment. We do offer a Rush Rover service for instances like this.

Yes, there is an additional de-matting fee. The price is dependent on the amount of matting we have to work through.

Your dog will only be muzzled if it needs to be. If you know that your dog will need a muzzle for certain things, please let us know.

No, we do not use tranquilizers, and we do not groom dogs that have been sedated at all without seeing a prescription from your vet and checking with the vet to be sure it is safe to groom the dog while it is on said sedatives.

Yes, your dog will probably have to be in a kennel at some point because we do not let dogs from different families mingle. We will do our best to keep your dog out of the kennel as much as we possibly can.

Let us know when booking your appointment, and we will work around dog aggression. We don't let dogs mingle together, but we do have several groomers in one room, so if seeing other dogs gets yours worked up, we will need to schedule at a time where he or she will be the only dog in the salon.

Absolutely, we are more than happy to use your dog's medicated shampoo. We will not use Dawn dish soap or human shampoo on your dog.

No worries. We will use our flea shampoo on your dog. Our flea shampoo will kill the live fleas, but is not a preventative, so we will recommend you follow up with a monthly preventative.

We offer a shedless service that involves special shampoo and conditioner that helps loosen up the dead undercoat so that we can then blow and brush it out. This service does not eliminate shedding, but it will help greatly reduce the amount of shedding when done on a regular schedule.

Most pets get groomed on a 6-week schedule.

We do! It's just $10 and is a walk-in service. Just come in any time before 2 p.m.

We recommend using a gentle dog shampoo. Make sure you thoroughly rinse all the soap out. If you have a long-hair dog, always brush your dog after you bathe them to prevent tangles. Never use human shampoo or conditioner on your dog.

We recommend bringing your puppy in for our Puppy's First Groom around 12 weeks of age. This will help us get your puppy used to grooming, so that we can make grooming a positive experience.

We can do breed standard patterns. It is important to note that most breed standard styles require a lot of maintenance, so you may be coming to the salon more often and need to do brushing at home between grooms.

Unfortunately, we do not. We groom dogs only.

We offer extended hours. Just let us know when making the appointment if this is something you will need.

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